Global Reach, Local Values

Sourcing and inspiration on a global scale with local communities in mind. Finding the most productive solutions for our consumer brands is what makes us great.

Connect With Customers

Building a strong and vibrant relationship with our customers is what keeps our brands dynamic, successful and inspirational.

Experts at the Ready

With a diverse team we are able to accomplish tasks and projects quickly while being creative and innovative at the same time.

We Invest in YouBe Focused. Be Insightful. Drive to Consensus.

Distribution at it’s Finest.

Syndora Dynamics focus with all brands and distribution outlets is our dedication to customer satisfaction. We find strong communication with our customers and management teams are what separate us from the rest. With 12 years experience in wholesale, manufacturing and media endeavors, we bring the best products and services to the table.

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Ginzy Magazine

Ginzy invites you to explore some of the funniest, outrageous and uplifting content on the internet.

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Qwibly – Wholesale to Consumer

Shop The Groceries & Merchandise You Love In Bulk, Delivered To Your Door With No Membership Fees.

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Qwibly Direct for Business

Qwibly offers a tax exempt division of Qwibly to businesses around the world. With direct wholesale pricing and freight, your business will thrive.

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Business Plan Submissions

We consider ourselves company builders. We typically get involved early on and help entrepreneurs build strong sustainable companies. We also get out of the way and let managers manage. We typically take on board seats, and if we feel we cannot bring value to a company, we prefer not to invest. As a team, we have advised hundreds and invested in dozens of early stage companies over the past decade.

  • Thinking Globally"Think globally, act locally" urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities and cities.
  • Growing up on Both CoastsOur team has been everywhere from Wallstreet to the restaurant industry. From Los Angeles to Detroit.
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NewsroomIndustry Highlights

Are You Ready To Start Up

You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Unveiling his product that can harness ‘the power of influence’, Media Guru Satish Raju launched his latest venture titled ‘Influencia’ at our Entrepreneur India Annual Convention 2016. Introducing the concept of thought leadership in media Raju’s ‘Influencia’ is all for people just starting out, startups…

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Join a community of recognized technology leaders and provide your customers with industry leading tools to deliver secure platforms and apps. By becoming a Syndora partner you can expand your business opportunities in new lucrative markets. Plan, deploy and manage Syndora solutions to increase profitability – for your business as well as your customer’s.